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Bonjour! Salut! Hi there! We want to design your unforgettable French getaway! But first, what does Avec un Oeuf even mean?  Let’s start with the pronunciation. The French language is good at putting lots of letters together that don’t seem to make much sense, only to find out they all combine to make one easy syllable, like the word oeuf: “uff”. “Ah-vek un-uff”.

Literally, en Francais this translates to “with an egg”, as in, when you go to an awesome restaurant and order your meal, and the server asks “would you like to add an egg on top of your pizza?” or in France “voudriez-vous le pizza avec un oeuf?”  The answer is always OUI. We found in our travels to France that every food is better with an egg on top. You know what else is better with an egg on top? Life! La vie! Our belief is that French culture and la vie Francaise (French way of life) is like the proverbial egg on top of your meal--the perfect complement to your life!

We love France. We believe you should experience France. And we are going to make that really easy and personalized for your life. With different levels of services and itineraries offered, we will personally get to know you and how you like to travel, what experiences exist in your dream getaway to France, and use our French travel expertise and relationships we’ve built through the years to design and bring to fruition your best France getaway yet, from takeoff to landing, and every baguette in between.

Avec un Oeuf happened in one of those lightbulb moments, that was solidified by a happy accident… fate? Les etoiles? One of the things we, Chelsea and Jesse, AuO Co-Founders, connected on when we first met was that we both spoke French and had both lived in French speaking places, building the foundation for our joint love of la vie Francaise. Living in Houston, Texas we did not much get the chance to speak French, so we started taking trips to France each year. Eventually friends and family would regularly say to us “Next time I go to France will you plan it for me - you always seem to always seem to go to such cool places!” Lightbulb.

We decided that we needed to start this as a business and do what we enjoy most - sharing French culture through designing unforgettable, hyper-curated getaways to France. Not 24 hours after we made this decision, but hadn’t yet told anyone, a very good friend sent us an unsolicited text: “We are planning a trip to France in May. Please give us your recommendations and we will look no further.” The stars had aligned and we knew this was the right decision. And so, Avec un Oeuf came about.

We had a wonderful time traveling Burgundy and Lyon with Chelsea and Jesse of Avec un Oeuf. They took us beyond the standard tour group experience and we felt like we were living in France for a week. From the accommodations to the meals, we spent the days more like locals than tourists. Our sightseeing excursions were a unique blend of history and culture with the perfect amount of time to soak it all in while enjoying a glass of wine.
— Liz M.