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Quality over Quantity

We have been lucky enough to have travelled to great wonders and cultures on all corners of this earth, but don’t claim to have expertise on all of these places - how could we with just one visit? However, we fall more in love with France with each annual visit. We have built lasting friendships and relationships with folks all over France, from the city to the beach and the lavender fields in between, and feel we have learned, lived and understand that unique way of life, la vie Francaise. Because of that, we only focus our travel products and services on France. We would rather provide our travelers with deep knowledge of a country, than send them to locations where we have only scratched the surface. Avec un Oeuf stands for quality getaways, not quantity. We believe in bucket lists, but not checklists.

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Conversations not Surveys

Your getaway begins with a conversation, not a survey. We learn all about you and your getaway preferences and desires by having an initial consultation over-the-phone or video conference.. Whether or not you want to eat at a fancy restaurant, or go to the beach, cannot usually be answered in a drop down menu! Our focus on YOU and our specialization on France alone means we will provide you a crafted, one-of-a-kind, unforgettable getaway that fits the way you prefer to travel.

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Continual Research

AuO has personally travelled all over the country (including the lesser visited island of Corsica!) and has done extensive supplemental research. Before, during, and after every getaway have read dozens of books and taken additional courses on French language, culture and history to solidify the knowledge we learn from the French local experts. We also belong to several French language, culture, and business organizations

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French Language

Having lived in French speaking locales, and honed our language skills through our many visits to France, our ability to speak French with locals around France has allowed us to develop lasting relationships in various regions. This also means we collaborate directly with locals in each community, allowing us to ensure we design the most authentic experiences at the best possible price for you with no middleman!

Chelsea and Avec un Oeuf are worthy of accolades… Thank you for making our trip the success that it was!
— Sarah & Chris P.

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Wine, Wine and More Wine

Certified French Wine Scholar and Wine Spirit Education Trust Level III, and have relationships with winemakers and producers throughout the country.

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Shared Passion

We want everyone else who loves traveling the world to see why we fell in love with France, and continue to fall in love with France. Unlike travel companies that know a little bit about a lot of places, we understand and appreciate that France is infinitely more diverse than La Tour Eiffel in Paris, the beaches of Cannes in the Cote d’Azur, and wine in Bordeaux- though each of those experiences is worth a getaway as well!

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Planning & Logistics

We developed an expertise in logistics and planning from our prior work experiences, as well as our numerous personal journeys. This allows for less time on planes, trains, and automobiles, and more time in cafes, vineyards, and castles. Unless train rides through the country are your thing, in which case, we can put you on a train- we’ll just make sure you get the best view!

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Lessons Learned

We have a particular philosophy on travelling through France that has been developed via reflection and lessons learned. We want you to have the getaway that best fits your travel style, but also love to pass our recommendations on to you so that you have a true and meaningful experience. There are ways to see all of the most iconic sites without being one of hundreds of people in the same place at the same time. Being alone to walk the grand hall of Chenonceau, have an entire white sand beach in Corsica to yourself on your honeymoon, chat with the winemaker in his cellar about his passion for organic wine production, and stroll the ramparts of Carcassonne are memories that we are thrilled to provide for you.

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Bucket lists not Checklists

France travel guides and tours are one-size-fits-all, have become stale, and rush you through the country from the inside of a bus with checklist in hand. This is not doing the country, or travelers, any justice. In fact, the true French would want you to s-l-o-w-d-o-w-n. Tour groups get to say they “saw” lots of places, but we ensure that travelers experience France. What we have learned through our travels, is that in the end the deeper dives make for a much more unforgettable getaway, relaxing experience and a deeper understanding and appreciation for French culture. We keep it fresh, light, and totally personalized to your wants and needs.